Hypnosis; out of all the things I’ve dabbled in, it is the most satisfying kink I know.  I think its an art to use only My voice and words to bring down your guard.  Then, they allow Me swim around in the most inner parts of your mind.  Now, I have made the decision to use this exceptional talent to mold My reality in the most peculiar way.  I want to shape men according to what a Woman wants.  That’s right.  Complete Male Renovation.  I will use some of the smoothest, sneakiest tactics to shift around your thoughts and actions…with one goal – to make you a better man.

I love making audio recordings for all kinds of mental stimulation. It is truly an art form; from writing, to recording, to editing it. My creative juices get flowing from studying how to twist your thoughts more and more every day.

Now, where do you find My hypnosis? I use Niteflirt…get on over there and check it out yourself. If you follow that link it will take you right on over to My goodies.

What’s your poison? I dabble in all kinds of mind trickery. Hypnosis and brainwashing for chastity, addiction, worship, feminism are such fun for Me to make. It allows Me so much room in your mind.