Goddess Worship, Hypnosis, Findom, and Femdom. I have spent over a decade floating in and out of this world. I always have My own agenda. This time is no different. Except, I realize you deserve even less than I so graciously gave on occasions in the past. This is something you realize too.

The fact that you deserve less is exactly what makes you desire to know even more. I could be anyone, anywhere. That’s what makes My mind even more delicious.

Goddess Desires

Here is a list of little tidbits about yours truly (this is a very strong and important first lesson in truly listening to a Woman): I love music, sexual magic, fire, red, peridot, amber, chocolate, drums, belly dance, sex, power & money. The last one I mentioned to keep it at the top of your mind. I love it the most!


  1. You are the one true Goddess

  2. I have missed you

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