Whether chastity brings up fear or desire in you doesn’t necessarily concern Me. Keeping you chaste for a myriad of reasons does though. However, having Me as your key-holder does not come free and it isn’t a sexual connection between us.

What Use is Chastity?

What do I use chastity for? I use it to assist men to become better. Have you found that your sexual drive is causing you issues in your personal or professional life? Are you losing your sexual power to compulsive jerking? Are you ruining existing and possible love affairs with your sneaky behaviors? Keep fucking the wrong Women, only to find your cock has indeed led your judgement astray again?

Wouldn’t you love to know how to approach chastity with a Woman that would result in more than a flat no? Explore ways to have a Woman actually trust you because you because you are trustworthy enough to deserve a key-holder? Have the burden of your cock’s constant nagging relieved? Can’t seem to get ahead because of your porn addiction? Can’t comprehend why your partner isn’t like your fantasy? Find yourself in a period of necessary chastity?

I offer key-holding services for those that lack a Woman to hold their key. I have a couple methods for keeping you accountable. Interested in My key-holding services? Before you proceed to apply make sure you agree to the following terms. Honesty will always be your policy. I expect you to send a $25 consideration fee. I have an option with numbered locks upon receiving your application. Any terms we discuss from that point forward ensure your best interests are met during holding. This is My time you want a part of, and you agree it’s My way or dismissal.