Let Her Lead Brainwash
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Let Her Lead Brainwash

Let Her Lead you through this layered auditory loop of relaxation. Caat will take you deeper and deeper into that space where you can let go of all your daily stresses and worry. Allow Her show you how good it can feel to Let Her Lead.

I see you. Literally begging for a time to decompress from “manhood”. It feels good to follow a strong Woman who isn’t afraid to tell you exactly how She wants it. I will show you how to please a Woman. I encourage men to be more open to letting go, and letting her lead. This leaves you with the residual feeling of stress free surrender to female led relationships.

This is a 10 minute looped, brainwash recording using confusing layers, suggestions, binaural tones, and My sweet voice.

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  1. Wherever you lead Goddess, I will follow

  2. I live to kiss that ass

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