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Vote Chastity

Vote Chastity and give up control of your cocks! So, some recent changes have been floating around the United States. And Women aren’t pulling any punches. Women are in control of their bodies. Shit’s changed. Are you evolving as men? I would dare say no. Women have been throwing out some interesting alternatives to keep everyone on an even playing field.

The New Sexual Revolution

I personally find the issues of body autonomy for Women to be fascinating. The more men push for control of women’s sexual power, the more I am tickled to see Women telling you boys to fuck off. I often wonder or maybe even fantasize about the weaponization of sexuality by Women. It is one sure-fire way to bring you boys back down to the reality of how special Women are.

Mandatory Vasectomies

Recently, it seems that Women’s right to choose whether we reproduce has been challenged again. So one actress, Evan Rachel Wood, piped up with the suggestion that men should all receive mandatory vasectomies to keep them from being able to impregnate Women until they were ready to have children. Fuck yeah, good suggestion!


Additionally, a suggestion that has popped up in recent days was from another actress, Alyssa Milano, proposing Women go on a #sexstrike. Since some backwards ass men still have some strange notions about the autonomy of Women, I can completely see value in no sex for all asshole men.

Then, there is always the world-altering comment I saw from a lesbian friend recently. Her idea was that with a few generations of selective breeding we could completely eliminate your sex. Kind of like Wonder Woman’s, “Paradise Island”, a world where Women rule. Maybe a few of you would be kept for some useful purposes.


Finally, there is My idea. It is so simple, and the thing is men would fall for it hook, line, and sinker. Men are so basic and their sexuality is fun to use against them. Just make it a game, a sex game. You boys are just so easy to persuade and lead. How about men are kept in mandatory chastity if they are not in a committed relationship. Once they have a partner, they keys would be turned over to Her loving care. It’s a big deal for a Woman to take on the care of a man’s cock. You guys are just so fucking needy sexually. Maybe, this would make men more choosy when deciding who they give their keys to.

So which one would you choose? Choose your cock’s fate here. I say vote chastity.

I want to hear more views here. Which one would you choose? Leave a comment and let Me know. Less lurking…more active participation in being better men.

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  1. Fantastic, as long as you agree to hold my key

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